Who Makes Up BTK?

Badnams Ltd

Ultra-quiet portable generators

Badnams Ultra-quiet portable generators

Badnams are one of the world’s leading UK-based, specialist suppliers of customised generators. We have designed and manufactured the world’s only quiet, lightweight generator that has low emissions – in response to the original request to satisfy the rigorous front-line power supply requirements of the British Armed Forces.
We have a product range that includes both aviation/naval kerosene and petrol fuelled generators, with 1600 watt and 900 watt outputs. All of our generators are cool-wall cased, with webbing handles to enable rapid deployment and re-deployment by just two people. And temperatures of -32°C to +55°C are no problem to the Badnams generators.

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BCB International Ltd.


bcb logo

What We Do

In the jungle, in the middle of a desert, half way up a mountain – wherever you are, you can rely on BCB’s dependable, high quality products.

We design and manufacture a wide range of equipment including:

  • Light engineering – hand tools, M.O.E. etc
  • Innovative clothing
  • Creams, powders and liquid formulations
  • Body armour
  • Food and nutritional products
  • Webbing and load carrying

We also pack many types of rations, first aid kits and survival packs. BCB’s Continuous and Never Ending Innovation policy, (CANEI for short), has resulted in hundreds of quality innovative products, many of which were, and continue to be developed in partnership with the world’s elite forces.

During the past four decades, BCB has designed and manufactured specialised equipment to enhance the Special Forces soldiers “Survivability” and “Sustainability”. These products are now available to Land and Air forces, under Future Soldier Programmes. Another vital requirement of the Future Soldier is C4i for dismounted infantry. Our TACCS Situational Awareness system, (see TACCS C4i), effectively brings C4i to the front-line. It is robust, proven and available now. It will have a major impact in improving battlefield effectiveness and reducing “Blue-on-Blue” casualties. It is easy for the infantry to use as an aid in the planning, training for and execution of combat missions. It was designed by soldiers for soldiers.


We like to work and develop new unique products, within our core competency. As such, we work closely with Special Forces Units throughout the world; explorers who venture to the extremes and future soldier programmes.

We partner with Universities and Colleges of further education to enhance our design capability. This design, as long as we believe in the product, we normally undertake free of charge.

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BEP Surface Technologies Ltd.

Surface Technology



BEP Surface Technologies possess engineering skills,experience, manufacturing plant and environmentally accredited processes that enable us to create and deliver truly unique engineering products and services that will exceed your expectations.

We design, manufacture and refurbish chill rolls for world leading laminators and cast film producers in the packaging and plastics industries as well as for high quality textured paper manufacturers.

Our ground breaking copper shell chill roll technology offers faster line speeds, 10 times the thermal efficiency of steel rolls, reduced cooling costs, lower energy consumption and premium quality end products.

We also have the capability to undertake chill roll auditing analyses covering surface quality, cooling efficiency, temperature distribution and condition of journals.



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No.1 Supplier of Armour and Ballistics Test Munitions in the World + UK Supplier of EXPENS and EXPRAY; with over 60 years experience.
conjay logo

With extensive stocks upto 30mm and knowledge garnered over 60 years we can supply and procure Munitions required for Armour and Ballistics Tests. We have created our ABPC Mk1 and Mk2 to aid in Ammunition Testing procedures. We are the UK Distributor Agent for Mistral Detection, the manufacturers of: EXPENS, DROPEX and EXPRAY Explosive Test Kits. We are the UK Distributor Agent for IMI (Israel Military Industries) SAA.

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Crib Gogh

For extreme survival equipment and extreme sports equipment.

For The Ultimate Equipment to Survive the Extremities the World has to Offer
Crib Gogh Ltd has a design and test team with a unique skill set that sets new standards in design development and delivery of specialist equipment that is currently used by a unique clientele from numerous militaries around the world to British Antarctic Survey and the beyond rescue teams that are doing the polar treks.

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High Quality Ultra High Precision Components
davromatic logo


Davromatic manufacture components for the Defence and Aerospace industries, but specialise in the manufacture of ammunition components, including the following products and services;

● Precision Sniper Projectiles in all calibres.
● Steel Cores for Armour Piercing, Ball, Tracer and Target Practice rounds,
● Fragment Simulation Projectiles used for testing bullet proof vests,
● Armour Piercing Shells used for testing armour,
● Primer components used in artillery rounds,
● Grenade components,
● Design and development of ammunition components under AS 9100 Quality System
● Components used in the manufacture of weapons

The precision of the components produced insures that extreme accuracy can be achieved by the final product.

Investment in state of the art CNC machines and the applications of this new technology with specially developed machining processes have enabled Davromatic to provide the capability of machining ultra high precision components in a variety of difficult to machine materials.

In process gauging of 100% of critical dimensions has given Davromatic the ability to offer its customers a unique quality service.

Integral to the manufacturing process, the quality of all products and services is maintained at the highest possible standard and conform to AS 9100 and ISO 9001.

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DEA Specialised Airborne Operations

Providing bespoke solutions to your aviation requirements
DEA Logo

DEA Specialised Airborne Operations support various UK Government departments and EU Agencies. We create high end, yet cost effective solutions to complex requirements to ensure we deliver ‘what the customer needs’ and not ‘what we are able to offer’. Our numerous accreditation include the ability to transport Dangerous Air Cargo – something the BTK members may find particularly useful. Find us at www.dea.aero

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Denchi Power Ltd.

Denchi Power produces robust energy storage and power management products for high reliability markets, including a wide array of batteries and chargers.
Denchi Power Logo

Here at Denchi Power Ltd (formerly ABSL Power Solutions Ltd) we are proud to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of batteries and chargers to the global defence industry. We have over 15 years heritage in supplying products for military radios, vision systems, manned military vehicles, unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Although defence is our core market we also produce batteries for other markets including security, oil and gas and medical where the capability to design to stringent specifications and produce highly reliable and highly robust products is critically important. We have a range of standard products but much of our business is focused on designing products for specific applications.

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Fuchs Lubricants (UK) PLC.


We manufacture and supply innovative lubricating products and bespoke support packages – providing a complete service to our customers.

We have expertise and experience in developing lubricants for a wide variety of applications. Our product portfolio includes engine oils, food grade lubricants, agricultural oils, cutting fluids, greases, hydraulic oils and much more. Our technical team are available to help you choose the right lubricant for your application.

We have a full range of support services to help customers get the most from their lubricants.

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Leading supplier of firearms and related specialist products

GMK logo

GMK Ltd is a leading supplier of firearms and related specialist products to the UK Police, Emergency Services and MoD. We are part of the specialised Beretta Defence Technologies (BDT) Division whose core value is to be seen as a one-stop solution provider. BDT brands include Beretta Firearms, Sako/Tikka Sniper Rifles, Benelli Tactical Shotguns, Laser Devices, Steiner Optics and Electro-Optics solutions.

We are also the exclusive UK distributors for Vista Outdoor Federal/Speer Ammunition including Force on Force Marking paint marking rounds, together with Centanex Pyrotechnics, ASP Batons & Handcuffs and PROSpike. Our extensive product range includes well known names such as 3M Peltor Hearing Protection, Bolle Tactical Eyewear plus many other brands. We have a comprehensive product portfolio available to satisfy all operational and training needs.

The list of products GMK offers, in support of our core ammunition and firearms ranges, demonstrates our prowess in attracting high quality international companies who wish us to include their brands.

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Hardigg (UK) – Peli Hardigg

Protecting all that you value

peli logo

In its 40th year of creating the toughest and most dependable products on the market, Pelican Products, Inc. reigns as the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Our products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

The company’s 200,000 square feet corporate headquarters, located in Torrance, California (just south of Los Angeles) serves as the home office for nearly 1,300 employees worldwide. In addition to operating in 21 countries with 28 offices worldwide, Pelican also maintains six manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Australasia: Torrance, California (Corporate) – South Deerfield, Massachusetts – Crottendorf, Germany – Leighton Buzzard, UK – Melbourne, Australia – Plymouth, Minnesota.

Pelican was founded in 1976 by Dave Parker and his wife Arline in their Torrance, California garage. An avid Scuba diver since age 11, Dave recognized the need for rugged flashlights and cases that wouldn’t leak or fail and set out to build a better product than any other on the market. After years of hard work and sacrifice, Pelican Products became a reality with its first product patent, the Pelican Float ®. The legendary SabreLite™ flashlight and Protector Cases soon followed.

Pelican’s product line and company grew steadily over the years and, in 2004, the company was acquired by private equity firm Behrman Capital. Shortly thereafter, the company experienced an incredible growth trend under a new CEO, Lyndon Faulkner, who was appointed in 2006. With a rich and diverse background, Faulkner came to Pelican Products from Microsoft Corporation, where he served as North American Operations Manager helping to launch industry-changing products such as the XBOX®, Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000. Additionally, he built the compact-disc manufacturing pioneer Technicolor®/Nimbus into an IPO as they introduced the world to digital media with compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs).

After a few years of ramping up the organization, 2008 was a banner year that saw Pelican Products execute an aggressive growth strategy highlighted by international expansion and acquisitions. This resulted in new sales offices and manufacturing facilities across the globe, as well as the creation of Pelican Australia and the launch of the Advanced Area Lighting Group.

With the purchase of its nearest case competitor, Hardigg Industries, at the end of 2008, Pelican had made its largest acquisition ever. This nearly doubled the size of their operation overnight, making it the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases in the world.

Throughout 2011 to present, Pelican’s international expansion continues with the opening of sales offices in South Korea, Israel, India, Turkey, UAE, South Africa and Mexico.

In late 2012, as part of its strategic growth plan, Pelican introduced a wide range of consumer products imbued with the same tough-as-nails DNA as their commercial products. Featured products are advanced LED lighting tools, portable device covers for the Apple iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air and iPad mini , and Samsung Galaxy S4. Additional products include Pelican™ Elite Coolers and both Pelican™ Urban and Pelican™ Elite backpacks (the first Pelican™ cases you can wear) designed to protect the gear of adventure-seekers on the go. In 2014 the company introduced Pelican™ Voyager cases for the Apple iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to be sold in AT&T stores across the U.S.

In yet another move to diversify its products and services, the company also introduced a line of temperature-controlled transport cases. They also acquired the industry’s leading manufacturers of temperature controlled shipping containers, Minnesota Thermal Science (United States in 2013) and Cool Logistics (United Kingdom in 2014) and integrated them to create Pelican BioThermal™ – the largest temperature controlled case manufacturer in the world.

Most recently, the company created three separate divisions (Commercial/Government, Consumer and BioThermal) to better serve the diverse markets Pelican sells into. Throughout 2011 to present, Pelican’s international expansion continues with the opening of sales offices in South Korea, Israel, India, Turkey, UAE, South Africa and Mexico (opening soon).

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Hephaestus Consulting

Armour, Ballistics, Survivability & Security Consulting Engineers

Armour & Ballistic Advice, Design, Test & Evaluation Services
A unique range of experience in protecting military and civilian personnel.

Hephaestus Consulting provides specialist design advice and build services to the European military and civilian protected assets sector. Possessing a unique range of real, practical experience, extending from stab and slash resistant PPE garments through to IED blast and anti-tank munitions, Hephaestus has worked extensively with UK agencies, test houses and universities to deliver client needs.

Hephaestus are specialist subject matter experts in the design, testing and integration of composite armour solutions, vehicle design, and ballistic, blast, IED and RPG testing, as well as in providing civilian security and infrastructure solutions. In addition to this, Hephaestus can also supply advice and threat analysis based on detailed experience of real-world scenarios, including the real limitations of protective equipment.

Past clients include UK and European police forces, MoDs and scientific organisations, as well as bespoke protected vehicle builders for covert policing and cash-in-transit applications. Architectural and critical infrastructure protection agencies are also supported.

Services include design, test and evaluation, threat analysis and advice, third party reviews and expert witness testimonies, as well as full project management of design through to build and installation / integration / production.

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Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd

Manufacturer of highly advanced tracking equipment

Hidden Technology develops designs and manufactures a completely secure, stand alone, impenetrable, tracking solution, including hardware items and control software. The systems are in use in 40 countries at the highest level of operation by Counter Terror Units, Serious Crime Units, Narcotics Departments, Federal Agencies, Government Agencies, Military Intelligence Agencies and Blue Chip Corporations.

The systems are used to remotely track vehicles, personnel and high value assets providing real time information and historical data used for intelligence. Software programmes provide the ability to analyse collected data to identify patterns of movement, vehicle usage and suspects? behaviour and life style.

Hidden Technology?s product range includes miniaturized covert tracking devices designed to be concealed within objects and/or items of clothing, small, sleek and discreet body-worn trackers with panic alarm functionality, rapidly deployable tracking devices and surveillance equipment and hard-wired vehicle tracking devices that are virtually undetectable. All equipment is designed and manufactured in-house for maximum security and product quality.

Please take the time to look over the products and solutions we have on offer. We look forward to making contact with you.

Find out more about Hidden Technology by clicking on links below! If you?d like to enquire further about anything you read, please feel free to make contact with an HTSI representative using the Contact page above.

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UK Manufacturer of uncooled Thermal Imaging Systems
About iSSUK

Infrared Security Solutions (hereinafter referred to as iSSUK) is a UK company that has been successfully designing and manufacturing uncooled thermal imaging cameras and systems based on the latest European technology since 2004.

iSSUK believes that Innovation comes through listening to and solving the problems and requirements of the end user. To this end iSSUK continually invests in R and D and working with some of the worlds foremost Thermal, Software and Optical engineers.

Our products provide an unrivalled performance and capability and we are consistently setting new standards for equipment by introducing new features and facilities not found on other equipment, with a proven record for reliability and low through life costs.

It is our mission:

To provide superior quality products and to build a true partnership with our customers and provide the best possible service, selection and value.

We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products.

Please visit our web site www.issuk-thermal.com for further information

iSSUK are proud members of the Ballistics Tool Kit (BTK). The BTK was formed in 2006 by a number of Small and Medium-sized UK companies in the defence sector to enable these companies to reach a growing export market. The primary purpose is to pool their skills and resources to offer unique, combined solutions to potential customers in the increasing Law Enforcement, Security and Military market place. Collectively the companies within the BTK come together to provide total flexible solutions that harness BTK’s skills to meet individual customer requirements without compromise.

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Istec Services Limited

Supplier of High Quality, Precision-Engineered Small-Arm Weapon Mounts and Weapon Ancillaries


Robust, reliable and versatile weapon mount solutions for the most demanding vehicles operating on the land environment.


Weapon mount solutions for vessels from fast attack boats to capital ships to submarines; designed for use in the harshest of environments.


Swingarms designed to mount medium calibre machine guns, increasing the aircraft?s capability; built to exacting aerospace standards.


Weapon mounts designed and built with the operator in mind; all equipment is fully supported, from spares to technical publications.

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J&S Franklin Ltd (Defencell)

Our strength is your protection

The DefenCell? barrier system provides personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications. Lightweight, man-portable and non-metallic with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

In both military and security applications, it affords protection from small arms fire right up to VBIEDs and artillery. In the environmental sphere, DefenCell?’s proven geocell technology makes it ideal for flood protection and ground stabilisation.

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JackEllis (J&D Wilkie)

UK Manufacturer of Bullet, Knife, Spike and Stab resistant Body Armour

Jack Ellis personal protection vests are bullet, fragmentation, knife, spike and stab resistant. Our personal protection range includes a wide spectrum of threat protection ranging from small metallic fragments to armour piercing ammunition.

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Jankel Armouring Ltd

Protection is everything.
Jankel Logo

Jankel is a world class specialist in protection systems. Undertaking design, development, prototyping and production of armoured vehicles, light tactical vehicles, counter terrorism vehicles and equipment, and customised occupant survivability solutions for military, security, government, aid agencies and NGOs throughout the world. The vision of marrying protection, performance and quality has been at the heart of the business since 1955.

With secure manufacturing facilities in the UK, Jordan and USA, Jankel is able to provide high volume production, whilst still offering a flexible approach to exacting customer requirements. A partnership approach to every solution ensures a smooth journey from concept to delivery.

An exceptional customer care programme completes the service, with dedicated programme support, full aftersales and Through Life Support (TLS) providing peace of mind for a successful partnership.

Jankel has achieved ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 for its security, engineering, manufacturing and vehicle production capabilities.

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Leafield Cases

Tough, hard case protection solutions for use in the most extreme environments.

Leafield Cases, a division of Leafield Environmental is a UK designer manufacturer and supplier of tough, protective, plastic waterproof cases for use in the most extreme environments. All of our products are designed and manufactured under one roof by skilled engineers, we are a leader in Rotational Moulding technology, bringing levels of precision and detail to cases, which are comparable with injection moulding.

Unlike injection moulding, the rotational moulding process allows cases and lids to be produced with twin walls for superior strength and rigidity. Many features can be readily moulded-in and integral fittings and fixtures can be incorporated in the design, this modular tooling enables bespoke size variations to be quickly designed and tooled to meet specific requirements.

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MRP Systems

Modular Protection Systems


MRP Systems Limited provides an interlocking, hollow modular block system which has been designed and developed for the following applications:


Being hollow the blocks can be filled with a variety of material, such as water, sand and concrete, most of which can be recovered and the blocks moved to another location for re-use.

This unique and innovative modular system has been extensively tested by MRP, UK Ministry of Defence, and the US Defense Department for nuclear and ballistic protection purposes. Consideration has been given to employing the block system in Flood and Traffic Control situations while development tests are continuing for such applications, as well as Ordnance Disposal.

The MRP Modular Protection System is available as individual units to suit particular conditions or as pre-designed layouts for specific situations.

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MS Instruments Ltd

A leading innovator in the design and manufacture of ballistic measurement instrumentation

MS Instruments. A leading innovator in the design and manufacture of ballistic measurement instrumentation and Live-Fire training equipment for ground and air training. Working with the expertise of Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS), MS Instruments provides proven, rugged and well-built products for most internal and external applications.

Our products are used by a number of manufacturing companies, governments and Armed Forces worldwide and once combined with our leading edge software, this instrumentation delivers flexible and individually tailored solutions.

Our equipment is designed to be of the highest accuracy and, because our equipment is in constant use for trials at WBS, we are able to continuously test and develop our products. MS Instruments strives to be the world’s leading expert on ballistic instrumentation. As a result, we have been approached to work on a number of specialised projects, a recent development being our covert vehicle protection system (NIMBUS), and asked for advice on large projects.

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Peli Products (UK) Ltd.

The UK distributor of the Pelican range

Peli Products (UK) Ltd. logo

Your one-stop-shop for the entire range of the world’s toughest cases and lighting.

From police forces to pro photographers, we’ve been supplying individuals, industries and sectors of all descriptions for almost thirty years… Thanks to the famous Peli lifetime guarantee, our dedication to excellent customer service and, not to forget, the products themselves.

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Qioptiq Ltd.

Design and manufacture photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications.
Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of medicine, life science, industrial manufacturing, defence and aerospace, and research and development.

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Riflecraft Ltd

Factory Rifle Upgrades

Here at Riflecraft we understand the desire to wring the last bit of accuracy out of your factory rifle. To that end we offer a series of Upgrade Packages to enhance the capabilities of your current rifles.

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Savox Communications Ltd

You’re in good company

With more than 30 years of experience serving the Police, Security, Fire, Rescue, Military, Maritime and Industrial markets, we offer unprecedented experience in providing communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments.

The knowledge we have built around requirements set by; the end-users, their working environments, governmental and industry standards used by these hard core professionals allows us to create the most innovative and end-user driven solutions available.

Savox Communications has a unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities. In addition to creating our own range of specialized products, we utilize our top-of-the-line resources in making communications accessories for many of the leading Two-way Radio, Mobile Phone and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers and Mobile Phone Operators around the world.

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Sector Associates


The Sector Associates award-winning team has 25 years experience working together in planning, designing, building, equipping, testing and maintaining a wide variety of tailor-made military, police, special-forces and civilian training facilities in over 40 countries.

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Shoothouse Ltd

Supporting realism in MOUT and in CQB dry and live training


Shoothouse specialises in finding and supplying innovative and high quality gear to support tactical firearms training. We have considerable experience as users and suppliers of live fire and simulation training equipment and we only recommend gear and products that we know have proven value. Our product lines include: Site-Lite Laser Boresighters, Swiss Eye Shooting Glasses, Sentry Solutions Oil-free Dry Lubricants for Firearms and Field Gear including Tuf Cloth, Tuf Glide, Smooth Kote, BP 2000 Powder & Hi-Slip Grease, MOUT & CQB Target Systems by RTS and Fulcrum, Firearm Safety & Clearing Traps (APC-100, APC-200 LE and HCS) by Concept Development Corporation, Shoothouse ScenarioTraining Furniture and Scenario Props.

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Steel Core Designs Ltd

Designing and manufacturing of precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.
Steel Core Designs Logo

About Steel Core Designs

The directors of Steel Core Designs Ltd. have over 45 years experience working in the defence industry, designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.

We have used our experience to create 3 new and exciting tactical rifle designs; offering unrivalled accuracy, comfort, ease of operation and above all safety. The Thunderbolt rifle offers some unique features as well as using a proven 4-lug bolt locking system, with a unique and innovative firing pin system. Computer 3D modelling, CNC machining techniques and materials make this our strongest, safest and most reliable action ever.

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Tadley Engineering

Leading mechanical engineering company specialising in design, sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, coded welding, powder coating and electromechanical assembly.

We are a leading mechanical engineering company specialising in design, sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, coded welding, powder coating and electromechanical assembly.

The company has accrued over 26 years experience in supplying a wide and varied section of industry. Our products range from enclosures for electronics and storage systems to components machined from Titanium and other specialist metals. All stages of manufacture are tracked and carefully project managed to ensure customer schedule requirements are met.

The company’s continuing progress is based on maintaining high investment in advanced manufacturing equipment and software that brings the latest Amada and Mazak CNC machinery capable of supporting complex fabrication. We also have a large supporting range of power presses with robotic auto feed systems.

Our CNC machinery is linked to 3D CAD modelling systems allowing us to work closely with our customers to provide cost effective product development and manufacturing.

Alongside our design and manufacturing services, we are able to provide electroplating, stove enamelling, silk screening and assembly of finished products. With our own fleet of delivery vehicles, this gives us the ability to offer a start to finish service to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being totally committed to quality. Tadley Engineering have accreditation to AS9100, ISO 9001:2008 and BSEN 1090.

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Trusted by industry giants
We appreciate the importance of secure networked communications and agile service solutions.
We empower and connect organisations to achieve more – to prepare for the future. Bespoke intelligence systems equip you to make informed decisions, free to focus where you’re needed. Many sectors rely on our services to operate how they need to – quite a testament, really. We cover requests from Governments, Civil Defence Authorities, Broadcasters, Construction and Civil Engineering Contractors to supply integrated platforms regardless of location, connecting their people when they need it most.

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Wiltshire Ballistic Services Ltd

Specialists in the testing of bullet and projectile-resistant materials, weapons and ammunition

Wiltshire Ballistic Services Ltd, a well established ballistic test facility with over 20 years experience. We carry out ballistic testing to our customers’ requirements and can certify to a wide range of ballistic standards.

We specialise in the testing of bullet and projectile-resistant materials, weapons and ammunition. With a wide range of instrumentation for the assessment of projectile velocity, internal ballistics and electronic scoring, all of which are calibrated and certified, accuracy and repeatability is assured.

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