We have just finished a project in NW London to build a 26m wall to a height of 1.84m. A fantastic success, the wall was built on 600cm reinforced footings, with the bottom 3 courses of BDS1 blocks locked to the footings. The next 5 courses are locked into the lower courses and finished off with reinforced supporting posts. The footings were built in 3 days and the wall in 1½ days by 3 men. The wall is designed to offer ballistic, blast, visual and sound proofing. Please see pics attached.

The school’s nursery playground and nursery classrooms face onto a busy residential road which has been identified by the security staff and members of the Community Security Teams (CST) as a vulnerable point in the security of the premises. My product was chosen because the CST had identified the main threats as being: drive past shooting, low level explosive device, visual intimidation, noise. They had looked at other options including a substantial, 2 brick thick, wall construction but the time for construction was 21 days and the cost comparable without any of the significant benefits of the BDS1 block. We were given 5 days to complete.

An impressed client had a wall built to budget, on time and taking up only 400mm of space over the 26m length. They have fulfilled their duty of care.